Never Repeat a Trick, Part 2

We’re using Timothy Arends’ Top 10 Rules for Magicians as an overlay for some crucial entrepreneurial lessons. Last week was part one of this article and we covered rules one through five.

This week we’ll consider rules six through ten.

Rules for Magicians

6. Have something to say when you perform a trick.

Never assume your customer will see the value of what you’re doing for them. You might have the best products or services, but if you’re not connecting the dots for your customer as to why it benefits them, you’re losing out. After you name a feature say, “Which means…” and draw a line directly to the real-life benefit.

7. Don’t force your magic on people.

Don’t try and sell people who don’t want to be sold. It’s a waste of your time and resources. Instead pour that energy into being the best you can for the people who already want to be your customers. It’s a lot more profitable.

8. Always leave the audience wanting more.

When it comes to your advertising messages, tickle your audience with visions of how wonderful their life could be if they went with you. And leave it at that. Let their curiosity and desire grow until it moves them to contact you. (Visit your website, call you, or enter your store.)

9. Don’t try to learn too much at once.

There are exactly one and a half million ways to grow your business. They’ll all work but they won’t all work together. Less is more. Better to focus on one or two cohesive strategies and do them well than to do five or six poorly.

10. Practice!

You might be good, but you can always be better. Never stop practicing what you do. Systematic small improvements over time wins.

Now get out there and put on your best show. I’m eager to see it and ready to applaud.

– Zac Smith, VC