My AI Generated Masterpiece

Like many, I’ve been playing with ChatGPT.
Can it actually handle copywriting? Could it at least write an email? Or perhaps a “Help Wanted” ad?
What, realistically, can and can’t you use it for?
I think I’ve cracked the code.
I proudly present my prompt and its output.
Prompt: Write about analytical vs. imaginative thinking as if you were Robert Frost.
Two ways of thinking, diverging in a wood,
Analytical and imaginative, both equally good,
One follows reason, data, and facts,
The other intuition, creativity, and abstracts.
The analytical path is clear and concise,
With methods that are proven, it seeks to suffice,
It values precision, accuracy, and proof,
And its logical approach can seem aloof.
The imaginative path, on the other hand,
Is a journey into a wonderland,
Where ideas and concepts are free to roam,
And new ways of thinking find their home.
Each path has its merits, and each has its place,
But which one to take, is an individual’s own grace,
For some, it’s the road less traveled, imaginative and wild,
For others, the straight and narrow, analytical and mild.
And yet, in the end, it’s not the path that we choose,
But how we navigate it, that makes the news,
For it’s in the journey, the twists and turns,
That we find our purpose, and the lessons we learn.

Ok, maybe “Masterpiece” was overselling it a little. But you’ve got to admit, while the rhymes are hackneyed, it makes some good points.
Speaking of points, what point am I trying to make? I’ll tell you.
I’ve been hanging around some people who are way smarter than me and who deeply understand how AI works. They’ve been showing me some really cool things that you can actually do with it. And we’re talking about building a class around it.
So, my question to you is, if you were going to take a class on how best to utilize AI writing, what would you most want to learn?
Anything is fair game, but here are some of the topics we’re thinking about:
– Sales Letters
– Writing a Book
– Content Marketing
– Newsletters
– Email Correspondence
– Product Descriptions
– Professional Bios
– Video Scripts
– Digital Ad Copy
– Headlines/Email Subject Lines
– Creating Social Media Content
This is your chance to decide what we teach. Visit our Contact Us Page and tell me your top 1-3 ways you’re most interested in learning how to use AI.
The only wrong answers are “everything” or “all of the above.”
Why am I limiting your choices? Because different types of content require different sets of prompts and techniques. And we can’t teach everything all at once. (At least, not in the initial class.)
So, what do you most want to learn first?
– Zac Smith, VC
P.S. If you send in your response HERE, then I’ll share my real AI masterpiece with you. The prompt was: Write a dark poem about puppies in the style of Robert Frost. You’re curious, aren’t you? Let’s just say it does not begin or end the way you’d expect it to.