Mine Your Memes

I love memes.


One, they often contain delightfully groan worthy dad humor. (A favorite brand of mine.)

Two, as an ad writer they’re an endless source of content inspiration for me.

Two and a half, they’re a research resource for how to talk to a tribe about what matters to a tribe using the tribe’s language and inside jokes.

Three, as a kernel of truth wrapped in relatable humor, they deliver BIG emotional impact and connection fast.

Why does that last point especially matter?

Well, what are the most effective kinds of ads?

Ads that speak to emotions first, and then justify with logic.

That’s why we reverse engineer popular memes.

I say reverse engineer because outright copying or sharing a meme, especially in a for-profit endeavor, can technically be copyright infringement. However, no one owns basic truths or concepts, and herein lies the wealth.

That’s it for this week. Next week we’ll dive into practical breakdown and meme use strategies. (A.K.A. how to steal like an artist.)

 – Zac Smith, VC