Laugh, Cry, or Get Angry

Chancellor Whittington and I were sitting around a heavy wood walnut colored table today talking about the answer to this question:

What is the creative process to coming up with ideas for an ad campaign?

It was mutually agreed that the creative space must be a no-judgment zone.

All parties involved should feel free to throw out any idea. No matter how ridiculous.

Once you have a free flow of ideas, how do you know which ones are worth exploring?

As Mark Fox, one of Wizard Academy’s illustrious instructors, has often pointed out, watch to see if anyone laughs, cries, or gets angry.

When one of those three things happens, bingo. Chase that idea and see where it takes you.

Any idea that can trigger laughter, crying, or anger is an idea that can make your advertising stand out. It has enough juice to move people’s emotions. (Just make sure you’re moving them in the right direction.)

And if you can elicit an emotional response, then your message will cut through the clutter.

So, when was the last time you laughed, cried, or got angry?

– Zac Smith, VC