Ideas are Living Things

Ideas are living things. And when their time has come, they make themselves available to anyone who is listening. 

Look back to innovations and brilliant moments in history. You won’t find a single unicorn blazing their lone thought into the universe in a language no one understands. What you’ll actually find are dozens of people around the world who stumble into the same version of the idea at the same time. And they’re all speaking a version of the new language.

They may have different approaches and different speeds of implementation. But the ideas will have the same fundamental shape. 

When you have an idea that feels brilliant, shiny, and new, then well done. It means you’re paying attention. But also, get to work. If you’ve thought of it, I guarantee a dozen other people have as well.  

And remember two things. 

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you get better at it.”

“Big fish don’t eat small fish. Fast fish eat slow fish.”

Get out there, implement, improve, and blaze your light into the night sky. 

Don’t build your entire brand identity around the new innovation. Feel free to make it a part of your story. But within 1 year (at most) you’ll no longer be the only one doing it. And maybe not even the biggest. So build your brand identity around things that no one can replicate. Tell your own story. 

Remember you are not your innovation or your ideas. There will always be new innovations and new ideas.  Don’t stop looking and learning. Today’s shiny new discovery is next year’s “industry standard”. 

Get moving little fishes. 

Speed is your friend. 

Daniel Whittington