How to Get Hit by The Money Train

Getting hit by a train is easy and it’s a lot like making money. For example:

Step one, find active train tracks. 

You can do this by checking to see how much rust is on top of the rail. If the rail has mixed rust spots on top and the bare metal is dull, then trains don’t use these tracks very often. (Low train volume.) Which means you could end up waiting awhile. For faster results find train tracks with bright shiny rails. 

Step two, resolutely stand in the middle of the tracks.

Obviously, there won’t be a train in sight at this point. (You couldn’t have done your due diligence inspecting the rails if there had been one.) But it won’t take long. You selected tracks with shiny rails. Now it’s just trusting your choice and waiting. 

If you don’t immediately see a train coming the greatest temptation will be to move in search of new tracks. Don’t do it. I know you heard about cousin Mike getting hit by a train right after he stepped on the tracks. That’s just called getting lucky. You can’t time that kind of thing.

Amateurs run alongside trains trying to edge ahead. Their plan is to hurl themselves in front of it at the last moment. That’s just sloppy. You can’t honestly expect to get nice centered track placement like that. 

Step three, embrace the train when it hits you.

Congratulations all your hard work paid off. When that big beautiful train finally comes barreling down on you don’t forget to spend just a moment celebrating. You did ask for this after all.

And that’s it.

Now that I think about it, though, getting hit by a train does take some effort. 

And to be honest, I can’t rightly recall what it has to do with making money.

Maybe I’ll remember by next week.

– Zac Smith, VC