Grip the Suck

Sometimes, when faced with a challenge, there’s nothing to do but to say, “Well, this is going to suck.”

And then roll up your sleeves and get to work.

We love romanticizing the idea of overcoming daunting circumstances. The glorified hero defeating all obstacles. And sure, when it’s all said and done and you come out the other side it feels great.

But there’s nothing sexy about getting there.

You bleed. You cry. (At least on the inside.) You curse. You pull tufts of your hair out. You kick small animals. (Not really.) And you curse and swear some more.

So, if you’re plowing through your own mountain of dung right now then I’m sorry. I really am.

The only thing I’ve got for you is this: Grip the suck by the ears and show that broke joker you ain’t skeered.

It’ll make for a good story someday.

 – Zac Smith, VC

P.S. Try not to throat punch anyone either while you’re working through it. You know, as much as possible.