Doth Your Ears Hearken?

Just before you say or send anything into the world, it never hurts to ask yourself, “Will this pass the 12-year-old test?”

What, oh gentle reader, is the 12-year-old test?

Simply this.

Would the thing I’m about to say, post, text, or email make a 12-year-old boy giggle at an unintended innuendo?

For example, while we all love Winnie the Pooh, giving him his own celebrity style cookbook called, Cooking with Pooh, probably wouldn’t pass the test.

This is especially true when making hashtags or URLs. 

In an effort to promote the release of her album, Susan Boyle landed on the unfortunate hashtag #susanalbumparty

Or, if you run a children’s consignment shop called Kid’s Exchange, scoring the URL with both parts or your name run together could result in some client confusion. 

Sometimes, these humorous mix-ups are intentional to garner attention. If that’s the case, go forth, and may you receive the advertence you desire. 

However, the unintentional ones?

Those I would spare you from.

– Zac Smith, VC