Don’t Forget to Celebrate

It’s important to remember to celebrate key moments in life.

We often set goals using vague language. We say things like, “I want to be successful” or “I want to be healthy.” This tendency typically surfaces when we are young and still figuring out life. As we grow older, it becomes challenging to know what success and health truly entail, especially when the concept of adulthood is abstract.

But what happens when an ambiguous approach to goal-setting persists with age?

Going to college is a commendable goal, but what happens after you’re enrolled? Landing your dream job is a great goal, but what’s the plan after securing it?

I believe there are two key aspects in the “what’s next” phase: setting definable goals and remembering to celebrate.

Vague goals are detrimental. They make achieving anything almost impossible because you haven’t clearly defined what you want to achieve or how to attain it. Even when you do succeed, you lack a clear framework to recognize and mark that achievement.

A goal must be specific enough that anyone, even an outsider, can determine whether you’ve achieved it.

“I’m going to be a professional musician.” is not a goal. “I will release a full-length album.” is a goal. 

“I’m going to be successful in business.” is not a goal. “I will open a second location.” is a goal. 

“I’m going to be healthy.” is not a goal. “I’m going to walk 10,000 steps a day.” is a goal.

The next critical step is what happens after you’ve achieved your goal.


People who work hard often struggle to celebrate their accomplishments. When you blaze a trail through life and achieve remarkable things, the destination rarely looks like what you expected.

By the time you reach your goal, the landscape is vastly different from what you imagined when you set out. You cross an ocean only to find a mountain range on the other side of the beach. You climb the first peak only to find it was merely a foothill compared to the actual mountains beyond.

Define your goals clearly and share them with those around you. Remember to celebrate when you reach your goal, regardless of how it appears when you finally arrive.

If you never celebrate, you’ll never truly feel like you’re accomplishing anything.

And that’s no way to live

Daniel Whittington – Chancellor