Boring is the Side Effect

Successful advertising is a simple formula.

If you entertain people then they will give you their attention. If you have their attention long enough then they will eventually give you their money if they believe you and need what you sell.

Entertainment = Attention

Attention + Time + Credibility = Money

As you can intuit from this very scientific formula, the opposite of entertaining is boring. The boring formula looks like this:

Boring = No Attention = No Money

Time and credibility are not part of the boring formula because if something is boring then more time or credibility won’t change that fact.

So, boring is bad.

It can single-handedly derail the successful advertising formula.

Now, there are lots of ways to avoid being boring.

Stephen King gives us one example in his book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

“In many cases when a reader puts a story aside because it ‘got boring,’ the boredom arose because the writer grew enchanted with his powers of description and lost sight of his priority, which is to keep the ball rolling.”

I wrote a short synopsis applying the above quote to marketing. I’ve decided to not include it here.

Because it doesn’t really matter what I took away from it. Your lessons gleaned are what matters.

What do you take away from Stephen’s quote? And for bonus points, how do you plan on applying it to your marketing?

Hit reply.

I’m deeply interested in your take on it if you care to share it.

 – Zac Smith, VC