Bit Parts Are Profitable Rolls

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
– William Shakespeare, 1599 in “As You Like It,” act 2, scene 7

Old Billy boy wrote that over four hundred years ago. And do you know what?
If we change just one word in the quote, it’s some of the greatest marketing advice ever given.
Know which word?
It’s “a.”
Swap “a” for “my.”
Do it, and you get, “All the world’s my stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
That is the perspective every person alive holds in their mind. Each of us is the star of our own movie. Everyone else? They’re merely players.
Once you accept that premise, it makes marketing that much easier.
Yes, you and I each get our own movie. But we’re also acting our part in everyone else’s movie.
Concerning your potential customers, you should be asking yourself this question:
What percentage of their movie do I act in?
There are three important categories.
Category One: The Vast Majority of Humankind
For this swath of people, the percentage of their movie that includes you is 0%.
You don’t get a part. You never show up in their script. So, don’t worry about them or what they think.
Category Two: The People You Interact with or Have Had an Effect On
The number of people in this category changes. (Depending on who you are and how far your influence reaches.) However, even if you’ve had an effect on a lot of people, the percentage of their movie that includes you is still very small.
Yes, you show up in the script. But the part you play is, at most, a bit part.
This category of people is where most of your customers come from.
That being the case, if you only have a bit part in their movie, how will you interact with them? Who will be the “star” in your advertising?
If you want success, it won’t be about you. Instead, you’ll make it about them; the star of their movie.
Category Three: Close Friends and Family
We could call this the main cast. You have more than a small role in their movie.
But guess what? You’re still not the star of their show. You’re a supporting actor.
When it comes to your success in business, this category of people is important. They’re your main support and cheerleaders. So, treat them like the stars they are.
As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your company plays a large role in your movie. In fact, it’s a principal piece of the plot. But for your customers? Bit part.
Never forget that.
Make them the star of the show and they’ll make you a lot of money.
– Zac Smith, VC