75 and Still Wastin’ Away a Fortune

Was recently at a Jimmy Buffett concert. Still have the music bouncing around in my head. Cue up Margaritaville



Thinkin’ bout music,

It feels like magic.

So many notes, I can’t even read.

Don’t understand it.

Can’t even sing it.

It moves my foot to just the right speed…

(You got this part) …Wastin’ away again in…

Fascinating to watch 23,000 mostly senior citizens with aches and pains, miraculously moving and grooving to the music of a five-foot seven-inch tall 75-year-old.

It’s magic.

Music moves people to do things they would never do without it.

Which means there’s opportunity here.

What would happen if you integrated music into your business? How would you even do that?

I know I shouldn’t be doing this right now in the middle of a concert, but I have my phone and google is just begging me to ask.

Google, how old is Mick Jaggar and what is his net worth?

78-years-old and $500 million with eleven number one albums.

Google, how old is Sting and what is his net worth?

70-years-old and $400 million with six number one albums.

Google, how old is Jimmy Buffett and what is his net worth?

75-years-old and $900 million with zero number one albums.

Jimmy isn’t nearly the musician as Mick and Sting are. So, why is Jimmy worth as much as both of them combined?

Jimmy is a businessman.

Most of his money comes from businesses that are not associated with the music industry. But, and this is a big but, his music reinforces the feelings associated with his businesses. The message in his music is consistent with the vibe of his businesses.

Being a musician can make you money. However, integrating music into a business plan can make you piles of money.

The music doesn’t even have to be that good, it just has to move people.

Buffett’s music calls out his people. Then he introduces those people to other products and services that reinforces who they identify as.

The music associated with your business needs to help people feel good about you and your product or service. And, more importantly, it needs to reinforce identity.

How do you do that?

Start by finding a style of music that best fits your business’ personality. Listen to that music, feel the music, absorb the vibe. Consciously do this for at least a week or two.

Next, gently place that music anywhere you can without it being annoying. Websites, instructional videos, places of business, television and radio ads. This should be background music. You’re not selling the music; you’re reinforcing your company’s personality.

“But I only use print for my business, I have no place to put music.”

No worries, find someone who can write to the beat of your song. Someone who can tap out your music on the keyboard of computer.

Words have rhythm and when strung together properly, they move people as surely as Buffett does.

– Zac Smith, VC