5 Marketing Lessons from Grandma

Grandmas are universally loved.

This did not happen by accident.

Grandmas may look sweet and innocent but make no mistake. Gammy Gam-Gams are canny marketing machines and they’ve been winning the war for children’s hearts and minds for years.

Let’s look at five marketing lessons Nana can school you in.

1. Grandma is excited to see you.

It’s hard not to like someone who’s always excited to see you. It’s contagious. Pretty soon you’re also always excited to see them too. Grandmamas know to take the initiative. Don’t wait on the kid to get excited. Praise them first for showing up.

Want your customers to be excited to see you? Are your staff trained to praise your customers just for walking in the door or for calling? What’s your client onboarding experience look like?

2. Grandma spoils you.

Grandma knows you don’t like being told no. So, she spoils you anytime she can say yes. And even when she legitimately can’t say yes, she’s always got a backup option to offer you.

Grandma is so good at marketing that not only will she spoil you, she’ll also have you believe you actually deserve that kind of treatment.

Are customers told yes every time they ask for something? If you can’t say yes, do you have an alternate option to offer? Are you saying yes without adding any guilt or making them feel bad for asking?

3. Grandma remembers your favorites.

You already know what’s for dinner when you visit Grandma’s house because it’s going to be your favorite food. She also stocks a few of your other favorite things around the house. How could you not like this lady? After all, she’s been paying attention to you.

Do you know what your customers like? Do you do your best to always keep it in stock and at the ready? What other things, unrelated to what you sell, do your clients enjoy? Paying attention pays well.

4. Grandma knows repetition is Queen.

Grandmas will move halfway across the world to live near their grandkids. Why? Because they know that if they want to be the favorite then facetime is key. Be present for more hours to win the time, attention, and hearts of the kiddos.

Are you consistently present in the minds of your customers? Don’t assume they’re thinking about you. Out of sight, out of mind. So, how’s your marketing repetition?

5. Grandma plays the long game.

Grandma is in it for life. She has no plan to ever stop being your grandma. So, she invests huge amounts of time and resources early on, knowing that she’s nurturing a lifelong relationship.

Have you calculated the lifetime value of your customers? How much will you spend upfront on faith, knowing that it’ll pay off in the long term?

I love my grandma, and you probably love yours as well. But that sweet old lady façade won’t fool us. Grandma worked hard to get where she is.

 – Zac Smith, VC