12 Nuggets from 2023

Whenever I hear a useful nugget of wisdom, I write it down.

I’ve amassed a collection of these insightful crumbs and leavings. 

As a 2023 look back, here are 12 things from my storeroom. I present them to you in no particular order. 

·      Tell me what the last three things your company celebrated and I’ll tell you what your company is about.

·      Never ask Do you? Have you? Will you? Instead, drop off those first two words and get straight to the noun and verb. Frizzy hair? Back pain? Ever dip your toe in ice water?

·      The 3 rules of content creation. (1) Make Fresh New Content, (2) at a Consistent Pace, (3) and a Predictable Schedule.

·      Inspirational stories are never about accumulation. They’re about sacrifice. What have you sacrificed and why? Are you willing to tell that story?

·      As a rule of thumb, Facebook Groups sell for either 1x annual revenue or $0.03 per active member. Podcasts sell for 1x annual revenue.

·      Online/Digital basics are not the same as digital marketing. They’re like utilities and rent. You just have to do them.

·      What do people buy Before, During, and After they buy what you sell? (E.g. You sell cars; people buy hitches, roof racks, floormats.) Can you increase revenue by selling BDA’s? 

·      Successful advertising is a simple formula. If you entertain people then they will give you their attention. If you have their attention long enough then they will eventually give you their money if they believe you and need what you sell. 

·      You’re entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.

·      Marketing tactics are not the same as marketing strategy. To tacticlize before strategize is a fool’s errand.

·      In radio ads, sound effects should be felt not heard. If you notice the sound effect it failed.

·      Good writing, I mean really good writing, is an act of capturing chaos. And that cannot be taught, only learned through force of repetition.

Thanks for being a part of my 2023.

– Zac Smith, VC