11 Nuggets from People Smarter Than Me

I get to hang around a lot of smart business people.
Whenever I hear one of these people say something insightful, I write it down.
I’ve amassed a collection of these wise crumbs and leavings.
As a 2022 look back, here are eleven things from my storeroom. I present them to you in no particular order.
·      To write recruitment ads, have an eye-catching title. Then make it about how you’re going to feel about working for the company, and not about the company itself.
·      You can’t implement a plan without having a plan.
·      Relevance and Repetition are the two ingredients for involuntary automatic recall. The formula is Relevance X Repetition = Recall.
·      In radio, reach without repetition is worthless. Always buy repetition first and add reach as you can afford it.
·      Once you’ve got momentum, don’t give up the momentum. If you’re going to add a radio station, add it. Don’t drop one to add another one. So, once you have a station that you’re advertising on, if you ever believed in it, keep believing in it.
·      When presenting new ideas to Sensing Types, present your idea Historically and Incrementally.
·      Are you still and/or have you yet? This question style warrants a response. Getting them to respond to your email increases your email deliverability.
·      Market size has a dramatic effect on the strategy your business uses in the present and near future. Think of market size as a roadmap that you can reference to get to your destination.
·      Every inexperienced marketing consultant wants to point out what the business is doing wrong. It’s glaringly obvious. A wise consultant enters looking for what they’re doing right and then praises them for what they actually do well; and builds an ad campaign on that.
·      When dealing with consumer goods, 80% of your customers are female. Even if the end user is male, it’s the females who find you and point your product to the end user.
·      Three questions that every website needs to answer: Who’s on the site? What do you want them to do? And what do they need to know in order to do that thing that you want them to do?
Thanks for making this year better than it would have been without you.
– Zac Smith, VC